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Regenerative Therapy


Also known as Stem Cell Therapy


  • The actual treatment session only takes about 15 minutes

  • Patients usually experience 5 or more years of pain relief

  • Treatment is universally compatible with everyone unless they have a blood-born illness or active form of cancer

  • Most people feel results in just a few weeks


Mesenchymal stem cells are known as regenerative cells and are the building blocks of the human body. These cells come from monitored planned pregnancies where mothers have elected to donate amniotic fluid/placental material. This process is completely natural and the sourced material is organic .

These special cells are multi-potent, meaning they are able to differentiate into several varieties of specialized cell types with different healing benefits. For example, they can differentiate into osteoblasts, which are bone cells, chondrocytes, which are cartilage cells, myocytes, which are muscle cells, and adipocytes, which are fat cells.

After the mesenchymal stem cell injection is given, new mesenchymal stem cells regenerate over the course of eight weeks, making it a game-changing treatment option for people who would like an alternative to narcotic pain therapy, avoid surgery, or who invest in monthly pain injections.

Ask us about out two different treatment options and which one may be best for you.

1. Flower Amnio

2. Mesenchymal


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